A Natural Phenomenon Preserved in Glass!

frontphoto Moon Jellyfish are truly a natural wonder preserved in glass! Farm-raised under the care of a marine biologist in Hawaii, our Moon Jellyfish are collected and preserved for posterity only after having lived their natural lifespan, which is two years.

We use liquid nitrogen to freeze them before they are placed into resin for preservation. After the resin hardens, the jellyfish is placed into a clay mold. Inside the mold, we use UV glass to further preserve the jellyfish and prevent the resin from yellowing with age.

The jellyfish glow in the dark because they are bioluminescent. Bioluminescence is caused by natural phosphor which is contained within the jellyfish itself.

Each jellyfish sculpture is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

In Hawaii, as well as in aquarium gift shops across the country, the jellyfish retail for $99 (mini), $199 (single), and $299 (triple).


We use a natural vegetable die color to enhance the colors of the blue and pink jellyfish while the others in our product line are displayed with their natural color.

The jellyfish will glow from one-to-four hours each night after absorbing any source of light, natural or indoor lighting.

The inherent design of the jellyfish mold prevents the jellyfish from cracking open and no liquids are used inside the UV glass covering.

Any bubbles in and around the jellyfish mold are the result of nitrogen bubbles produced by the jellyfish itself.